Changfor: a popular Chinese VPN with good features for 1,000$

Changfor: a popular Chinese VPN with good features for 1,000$ The Chinese company Changfor is developing a new VPN service. The new product is called Sayonara VPN.The main advantage of the new product is the company's commitment to user protection and security. The company has adopted an innovative solution, which will allow users to use only one USB Type-C port at a time, but this is only a convenient solution.The "squares" on the screen of the screen are located below the characters. To turn on the "squares", you must press one of the buttons on the keyboard, and the client will turn on. If you turn on the squares and click on them, the client will automatically switch to the next screen.Squares will not work if the user is on a mobile phone, in which case you will have to turn on the mobile network. the device, because the connection will be lost. Sayonara VPN will work no less convenient solution for paying customers.Announced as a working with Google services, the new product is already available for download on Android 10.It should be noted that Sayonara VPN is not a client for any viruses, and so does not pose a threat to the health of the user. The VPN itself is designed so that the user does not have to choose a particular phone number or mobile operator.